College and NFL Locks for Oct 27-28th

BITS is coming off back to back winnings weeks, and looking to make it 3 winning weeks in a row this week.   Below are locks for this weekend :


5 Star Locks :

Dolphis +3 @ Jets :  Yes the Jets beat the Dolphins already in Miami this year, and yes they almost took down the Patriots in New England.  But Jets just haven’t been playing good ball overall.  And Dolphins have looked good the past several weeks.  This is more a bet against Sanchez, who we think is going to have a horrid day vs the Dolphins D.  Look for Tebow chants to start early as Miami defeats the Jets in this one 24-13.  If your book has line at 2.5, make sure to buy it to +3.


4 Star Locks :


Cowboys +3 vs. Giants :  Cowboys actually opened as a favorite by 1 point, but this line has move 4 points during the week as over 80% of America currently on the Giants.  Yes Eli has played superb, throwing for almost 1100 yards in 3 games at Jerry’s World, but Cowboys did beat the Giants to open the year.  Add to that, 6 of the past 7 matchups, the underdog has covered, and Dallas covers over 80% of the time in past 10 years when a home dog.  And when that much of America likes the Giants, smells like a Vegas trap.  Buy the line up to +3 if stays hovering at +2.5.  Worst case is Giants win at the end with an Eli comeback.  We will go with Cowboys holding on for a 27-24 win.

Michigan +2 @ Nebraska :  Wolverines have only lost to Bama and Notre Dame this year, and are playing well.  We see the Wolverings peaking late in the year and possibly running the table these last 5 games.  Nebraska has not covered for 3 straight weeks, and their defense has given up 118 pts in those 3 games.  Lack of defense for Nebraska the key here, as this one gets our “Wrong Team Favored” label.

4 Star Teaser Special :

Wisconsin + Kansas State :  Tease both of these down to 0.5, so that they both just have to win the game.  Michigan State and Texas Tech may put up a fight, but neither will win on the road.


3 Star Locks :

Seahawks +3 @ Lions :  While Lions did get a backdoor cover at very end on Monday night against the Bears, they looked pathetic.   And Seattle has been impressive, especially defensively this year.  They already have beaten the Packers, Patriots and Cowboys, and hung tough with the 49ers.  Interesting stat is that the underdog in Seahawk games this year is 7-0 ATS.  That’s enough of a streak for us to believe in.  We will take the Field Goal and look for Seattle to at pull a minor upset, 23-21. 

Chiefs 1st Half vs Raiders :  The Raiders seem to struggle out of the gates in games.  And the Chiefs have started strong in several games.  Look for KC to jump out first on Oakland, and hold onto a 17-10 lead at the half.   Line is Chiefs -1, so halftime line should be Chiefs -0.5.

Georgia +7 vs Florida :  Everything you study makes you like Gators.  But BITS can’t get past the talent pool on Georgia’s roster.  The Bulldogs are stacked with Pro Prospects, and while the Gator Defense is possibly the best in the country after Bama, something tells me this could be the Bulldog statement game.  If Georgia gets blownout here, likely will be the last Cocktail Richt enjoys in Jacksonville.  Make sure to get the line at +7.  I feel an upset here, but to be safe get the 7.  Bet at your own risk though.  Gators have burned BITS twice already this year as we took the other side against them in A&M and SC.

Notre Dame +12.5 @ Oklahoma :  The line is moving in the direction of the Sooners, as line is up to 12.5 and climbing.  Maybe I am getting trapped here as Vegas begging us to take the Irish.  We will fall for it.  Top 5 team that is undefeated should never be catching double digit points.  Give me the Irish to keep it under 12.

CFB Week 8 and NFL Week 7 LOCKS

BITS coming back strong with total domination on the Pro Football front. College Fball was a struggle once again, as the Tigers couldn’t quite seal the deal for us, and BYU really shat the bed down the stretch against the Beaves. Another week rolls on, and the Beavers are still wiggling their way through their schedule. Onto the picks..

College Football :


LSU -3.5 Mr Miles AKA ‘THE MAD HATTER’ AKA ‘WHO IS NICK SABAN?’ got it done last weekend against SC. Unfortunately we agreed to lay the 3 and lost by a pt. Difference between this game and the SC game is on the defensive side of the ball, which is exactly why we are ready to lay just over a FG on the Tigers on the road in College Station.

South Carolina +3 I have to confess, I’ve been fading SC for almost 3 straight years now just because I don’t believe in the product that they bring to the table. The QB issues they’ve had there have brought Connor Shaw and his skill set into full view for the last 2 seasons, and I can’t help but ask ‘is he the best option, or the only option?’. Connor has played well, despite being banged up. I now denounce my SC, as BITS is all over the them this weekend against a UF team that – at times – can struggle to find it’s identity.

4 Star LOCKS:

Kansas St. +3 Let’s get one thing straight real quick. We aren’t fading WV due to their effort against TT. Chances are, they were looking ahead. The fact of the matter is, opponents can sneak almost anyone behind WV’s secondary. We won’t say Kst. is BCS ‘ship material, but on both sides of the ball they are one of the most complete teams in the nation. Being on the road here for Kst going to WV is what we think brings this line back into focus, but even more for us to leverage.


4 Star LOCKS:

Dallas -2 Easily the most underperforming team of the last 5 years, right along side the Falcons. However, the Cowboys are always fully loaded and ready to pop. We saw a prime example of this last week against the Ravens, who haven’t lost at home in 2 plus seasons. They were a 2pt conversion/long FG away from bucking this trend. We feel the Boys should be favored by more than a FG and we’re ready to pounce.

Bills -3  One immediate concern here is a little bit of a let down after the road W over the Cards, but Fitz, Jax, Spill and Co. have so much big play potential this one could get ugly fast.

3 Star LOCKS:

Raiders -4  If you watches the Falcons/Raiders game, you would’ve been on the edge of your seat because Palmer was picking apart the highly touted (so far) falcons secondary. Fact of the matter is, Palmer is not a stud. His WR’s are not studs. DMF, is a stud. And these guys play like they know they’re being counted out, and are doing what they can to try to surprise the league. We love MJD, but we think DMF wins this bout and the East Coast experienced Raiders cover.

Ravens +6.5 It’s usually common knowledge to get off a game that is moving heavy one way or another because the playable action has been played out on that game. We say, NO THANKS and we’re taking the Ravens on this one. Look, how good are the Ravens? How good are the Texans? Yes, it’s really early to answer this questions, but both of these teams are playoff teams. I get a playoff team catching close to a TD? Thanks.

Cleveland @ Indy UNDER 44.5  We were on a Cleveland OVER total last week and YES it was stressful. This weeks play is generally backed due 2 offenses that are very ‘off’ or very ‘on’. We’re not adding INDY covering ATS, but we think this one will be a big win for the Lucks.


There’s not much to get into. THE PACK AND THE BOYS. GB is -5.5 AT the Rams. We know the Pack have been weird this season, but taking a dog all the way up to a SU winner (that has Rodgers at the helm) mixed with the boys going from -2 to +4, works for us every time1