Happy New Year : BITS NFL Divisional Round Plays and National Championship Play

BITS is back for a 3rd year here in 2015.  We had successful winning years in both 2013 and 2014, and look to kick off 2015 with a huge weekend in the Divisional Rounds.  BITS is giving you winners on all 8 sides this weekend, as well as the National Championship game Monday night.

After this weekend, BITS will turn its focus to Hoops for the next few months until Baseball season kicks off in April.  We are also going to be adding weekly Podcasts to our posts starting next week.

Here are the initial 2015 BITS locks for this upcoming week :

5 Star Locks :

Broncos -6.5 :  This line is currently at 7.  We think Broncos win easily by 3 scores, but as BITS always does, we recommend to buy the half point to get to 6.5.  Remember it does not matter how much you lay if it hits.  Colts were happy just to get to this point.  Broncos will control game from the onset, and win this one 38-20.

Oregon -6 :  Jump on this now before it hits 7 again.  Oregon offense just too explosive.  Buckeyes have been impressive, especially in past 2 games vs Wisconsin and Alabama, but the Ducks too much here.  Also tease this game with Denver for extra protection.

4 Star Locks :

Cowboys +7 :  Cowboys a popular play here.  We jumped on this earlier in week when it was at 7.  Its come down to 6 currently.  Buy the point to get to 7 for protection, but we think Cowboys pull the upset here.  Romo ready for a moment, which in his career he has yet to have.  Cowboys pull the upset 23-21.

Cowboys/Packers under 52.5 :  With the cold temperatures, both teams will want to slow the pace down and focus a lot on the run.  Rodgers injured calf even more reason to slow down game.  As predicted, score will stay in the 40s, 23-21 Cowboys.

Patriots -6.5 :  Lots of people are on the Ravens here, with their previous success vs the Patriots in the playoffs.  But this Patriots team is better than previous years, and completely healthy.  Gronkowski has a monster game, and Patriots roll here 31-14.  Probably not needed, but as always, buy it under 7 to be safe.

3 Star Locks :

Ravens/Patriots under 48.5 :  This probably the weakest of the 8 plays this weekend.  Cold weather is the key to going under here as teams will focus on run early, and Pats will kill clock in 4th with the lead.

Panthers +11 :  Seattle are the defending champs and at home, but just think its too many points.  We also think this game will be low scoring, so we take the points here, but not a strong play.  Seahawks win 21-13.

Panthers/Seahawks under 39.5 :  Panthers Defense should keep Seahawks from putting up too much, but don’t see their offense scoring more than 1 TD.  We go with 21-13 Seattle win here.

Colts/Broncos over 53.5 :  Don’t love this play, but went under on the previous 3 games, so we wanted to go with one over.  38-20 is the prediction here.  1st Half will be the higher scoring half, so play the 1H over as well.


Play all of these with confidence, and we love Teases this weekend.  Tease Oregon with any of these plays, as Oregon winning Monday night is the absolute lock of all.