NFL and College locks for Final Weekend in September

BITS did some house cleaning with its staff as mentioned last week, and waited a few weeks to post its initial locks for the 2015 Football season.  The wait and moves paid off as BITS stormed out to a 4-1 record overall.  Ole Miss was an easy cover as its main 5-Star play, the Tease was never in doubt, as just regretted not making it a Parlay Lock instead of a Tease lock.  And the 4 star plays went 2-1.  BITS was way off on the Arkansas play, but if going to lose a play, would rather get blown out than barely lose at the end.

 So everyone should have a nice bankroll started with last week’s big week.  We will continue to grow the roll and count our money with the following locks :

5 Star Locks :

Atlanta Falcons ML @ Dallas Cowboys :  Both teams are 2-0, but the Cowboys have all sorts of trouble, most notably the injuries to Romo and Dez.  Weeden is the starting QB.  Enough said.  Take to ML to the bank, as Matty Ice will be chillin by the half.  Atlanta Falcons is your 5 Star Lock of the Week.

 Houston Texans -6 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers :  A little more points than I like to lay here, but I think the Houston Defense will eat up Jameis Winston.  Tampa had a nice game in New Orleans last week, but Jameis will struggle in this one.  JJ Watt and Clowney will be the keys as Bucs struggle to get to 10 pts.

 4 Star Locks :

Tennessee Volunteers ML @ Florida Gators :  Florida has not lost to Tennessee since 2004.  That’s 10 wins in a row.  You would think here at BITS it would be an automatic play on the Gators.  Not so fast my friend.  This is a Tennessee program on the rise, and Florida not the powerhouse it once was.  At BITS we think this is the year the Vols stop the bleeding.  The Gators won’t be able to stop the offense, as Tennessee will score over 30 pts and coast to victory in this one.

Mississippi State +3.5 @ Auburn :  This is what we like to call wrong team favored.  Auburn barely beat a poor Louisville team, almost lost to Jacksonville State, and got blown out by LSU.  State on the otherhand came just a missed FG away from defeating the Bayou Bengals two weeks ago.  State is simply a better team, and while its never an easy task winning on the road in the SEC, we think Dak will be the difference here.  Buy spread up to 3.5, as absolute worst case is War Eagles winning on a late FG.

Ole Miss -23.5 vs Vanderbilt :  The Rebels were our 5 star lock last week, having another program defining win vs the Crimson Tide.  The cover was never in doubt last week, as the Rebs never trailed.  Vanderbilt this year again has found their normal spot as the floor mat of the SEC.  The Rebels are averaging 64 pts a game, and while they may not get to 60, 40-50 is well within reach.  And we don’t see the Dores sniffing 20   Spread is floating around 25 pts, so buy it down to 24, and we feel comfident that 41-17 would be closes possible final score.  More than likely around 52-10.  The only slight concern here is the SI Cover Jinx.

 Baltimore Ravens ML vs Cincinatti Bengals :  Ravens have had a few tough losses to start the year.  They easily could be 2-0.  They will get in the W column on their home opener.  Bengals have a good club as well, but just don’t see Baltimore going to 0-3.  ML is around -140, so lay the extra juice in case its close.  But the Ravens definitely win this one.

 Arizona Cardinals -5.5 vs San Francison 49ers :  Cardinals are much better team and play well at home.  Buy this one down to 5.5 to protect against a 27-21 final.


Green Bay Packers ML + TCU  ML :  Last week’s Teaser lock was never in doubt, as LSU and the Steelers coasted to victory.  If you were like us, we piled on the Tease, and sprinkled a little on the Parlay.  Don’t see this week being any different.  Packers and TCU will coast to victories.  The lock is the tease, and sprinkle a little on the parlay.

BITS : Initial 2015 Football Post

BITS is back for another exciting football season.  We have gone through some changes within our organization this year, and have a lot of new staff members.  While we tracked all games the past 2 weeks, we had some staff as temps before they proved themselves worthy to contribute to actual posts.  That is why we waited until Week 3 of College and Week 2 of NFL to release our first locks of the year.  Remember here at BITS we don’t charge for our selections.  We simply enjoy providing financial advice that will thicken your wallet and drain it from the books.  So hit up the ATM this weekend, get all the money you can get your hands on, and place bets on the following.  Then after the weekend concludes you can go sit on the shitter and simply count your money.

5 Star Play :

Ole Miss +8 @ Bama :  Chad Kelly and the Ole Miss offense has been on fire so far this season, averaging an unbelievable 74.5 points a game.  Sure it was against Martin and Fresno, but 20 TDs in 2 games is impressive.  Ole Miss hasn’t beaten Bama in back to back years since 1909-1910, and they only have once in Tuscaloosa, that being on October 8th, 1988, when they upset the Tide 22-12.  This line is way off.  Bama has more depth, but based on the starting lineups, and based on the high octane Rebel offense, this line should be closer to a Field Goal.  Here at BITS as always we love buying points.  Remember, it doesn’t matter what you lay when it hits.  We think you can sprinkle a little on the Ole Miss ML at around +250 for fun, but the lock is buying this spread up to 8 and never fear it losing.


4 Star Plays :

Arkansas -9.5 vs Texas Tech :  The Pigs are much better squad than they showed last week.  They have potential to score a lot of points, and the Big 12 Texas Tech Red Raiders are no match for this SEC Squad.  Probably don’t need the points, as we feel Arkansas comfortably wins by 2 TDs or more.  That being said, never hurts to buy and get it under 10.

Bowling Green +4 vs Memphis :  This would be a good matchup in Bowl Season, maybe in the Motor City Bowl or Miami Bowl.  Both teams are around the top of their mid major Conference.  For Memphis, big expectations this year, and if they can get past Bowling Green, 9 or even 10 wins is in sight.  While both teams have high powered offense, we like Matt Johnson and Roger Lewis hooking up for at least 3 scores this weekend.  It will be a shootout, but wrong team is favored here.  Get line bought up to 4 to protect in case it comes down to a FG.

Vikings ML vs Lions :  Minnesota was pathetic on Monday night.  That will change in their home opener as Bridgewater rights the ship and Peterson takes a switch to the Lions Defense.  Spread currently is around 2, so you should be able to get on the Money Line at around -135.

Tease of the Week :

LSU + Steelers :  Tease both of these games down to a Pick and stack it.  Auburn is not what we thought they were.  LSU with a game under their belt will win this game with ease.  And while the 49ers looked good on Monday night, they travel cross country on less than 6 days rest vs a Steelers team with 10 days rest and hungry on their home opener.  This Tease is a Lock.


Thats it for our initial picks of the season.  Bet these confidently, and we will be back next week.