Locks for Oct 29th – 31st

Thanks to some good picking by Charles (minus the Ark debacle), BITS had another big winning week.  6-3 on the week makes our season total now 29-21.

Here are the locks for this week :

Nebraska +9 @ Wisconsin

Auburn -3 @ Ole Miss

Clemson ML @ Florida State

Indiana ML vs Maryland

Jets ML @ Browns

Cardinals +3 @ Panthers

Bengals ML vs Redskins

Cowboys ML vs Eagles

Parlay Lock :

Patriots ML + Broncos ML

College/NFL Locks : Oct 22nd – 24th + Podcast

After dropping back down to .500 two weeks ago, BITS dominated the board last week, going 6-1 overall with its only loss due to a late Onside Kick and TD by the Browns.  So record back up to 23-18 on the year.  Lets continue the winning this week.  We had a special guest join us on the BITS Podcast this week, Charles Silvia.


You can listen to the Podcast with The Rick and Charles at the following link :

BITS Podcast with special guest Charles


Locks for this week :

Wisconsin ML @ Iowa

Navy +3 vs Memphis

California ML vs Oregon

Arkansas +10.5 @ Auburn

Ole Miss +7.5 @ LSU

Eagles +3 vs Vikings

Lions ML vs Redskins

Dolphins +3.5 vs Bills

Titans ML vs Colts