Turkey Weekend Locks

BITS put up its 6th straight winning week last week, and had a couple losses late or could have been a monster week.  34-13 now over the past 6 weeks and 51-30 overall.


Locks for this Thanksgiving Weekend :


Lions Pick vs Vikings

Houston -3 @ Memphis

Vanderbilt +8 vs Tennessee

Michigan/Ohio State under 47.5

Broncos -3 vs Chiefs

Locks for Nov. 19th – 21st

A 5th consecutive winning week for BITS brings our 5 week record to 30-10, and season record to 47-27.

Here are locks for this weekend :

Notre Dame ML vs Virginia Tech

Vanderbilt +10.5 vs Ole Miss

Arkansas +1.5 @ Mississippi State

Florida +14.5 @ LSU

Cardinals +3 @ Vikings

Rams +2 vs Dolphins

Raiders -5.5 vs Texans